4th of July 2016

It’s a couple days past the holiday at this point. but I’m still organizing all that I did last weekend.  I worked on several projects around the house and I DID NOT go grocery shopping!  That was so liberating.  A quick stop to the butcher shop and that was it.  There were no long lines, no crazy traffic in the parking lot.  What a wonderful way to shop.


Tolna 4th of July

 The highlight before the real fireworks was going to visit the graves of my parents.  Rocky came with me and stayed still long enough for one photo.  He loves to roam, sniff and explore, on leash of course.

Elton 4th of July 2016
Rocky and Dad

Three days of fireworks made this was definitely one weekend to stay home with the dog.  Rocky is ok with most sounds but constant bombardment was even a bit much for me at times.

 Reading was more on the agenda for this weekend on the picture book end of things.  I read a couple manuscripts that I have to critique for critique partners. I read and re-read versions of a couple manuscripts that I’m working to get submission ready.  I was always told to step away from a manuscript for a while if you get stuck and go back and see what happens.  That was the best advise that I could have followed. It was like new paths opened and all of a sudden I knew where the story was going.  Even better, I was able to fix things that had been clunky before the break.  Now that I’m happier with these manuscripts, I’m looking for a good home for them.  On to researching editors and agents.



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