Keeping The Creativity Going

June and July passed very quickly and now I find myself near the end of a quiet summer.  If I had not finished my first “project” I’d  feel  very incomplete,  but that is happily not the case.  I completed the lamp project and feel very accomplished with myself.

My son’s middle school lamp project showed off his carpentry skills but the assigned design left the lamp on the utilitarian side for me – so I designed it up.
For a few dollars at Home Depot I picked up a really cool stone tile matrix, thin set,  grout, and nautical rope.  

After the lamp was done I began listening to BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I got the audiobook because there were no hard copies available in my library when I wanted it.   I started listening to the first disc in the car on the way home from the library.  A couple pf chapters in and I felt as if Ms. Gilbert was speaking just to me.  Her discussions on creativity coming not by our own doing but when we are most ready to receive and work with it was profound.

This was a very timely book for me.  I knew I was procrastinating away from my writing.  I was hitting road blocks, mental and otherwise, so I was looking for diversions to fill in my time but I didn’t realize that working on that lamp was actually my creativity gaining traction and getting me ready for the next project.    According to Gilbert, well my understanding of Gilbert anyway, creativity needs us to keep moving forward.  Rather than being a lump on the couch waiting for an idea or a creative spark, I hooked onto the first thing I saw – the lamp – and moved full steam ahead.  That 3-pound wood look lamp is now about 15 pounds.
I started a short list of ideas for new stories but the one I started working on today came to me as I looked at some photographs that I recently shot.  Creative photography helped spark a story idea.  It could be nothing, meaning it is not a story that I need to tell right now – or it could be something, the story that I do need to tell right now.  I booked 1000 words today without really trying.  The “butt in chair” thing seems to be something I avoid if I don’t have a story to work on.  I’ve learned to limit Facebook and email time so its time to tackle that too.


I’m taking a couple of days off this month to work on my writing.  I’ll actually have a couple new ideas to work on those days.  That will make me feel more creative too.


Also – I’ll probably listen to BIG MAGIC again before I return it to the library.



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