Getting Back On Track

This is my attempt at writing just to write today.

I’ve not produced anything new and I’ve spent a lot (a lot) of time revising two manuscripts that I hope to have submission ready in a couple of weeks.

It is absolutely true that the writing it the easy part – revision is the true heart of writing.  I started this piece with pen and paper and decided to move to my PC so I could have something to post to my sometime forgotten blog.

Even a short post is better than no post, but I don’t want to bore any followers that may be out there.  I think I’m scolding myself here, hopefully I’ll get it together and get back on track.

My digital recorder has some memos in it that I’ll listen to this afternoon.  Those may point be back to my notebook.  The weather is beautiful today.  Perfect for an outdoor lunch.  I don’t go out often, but when weather is this beautiful – sunny and 80 degrees with low humidity – it’s hard to pass up.

Even this snippet of writing has made me feel energized about getting back to the pen.

Off I go.

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