Annual rituals

Thanksgiving is over and you can feel the anticipation leading into Christmas.  Three days ago I was sitting around the table with my family, thankful for being together and for having our health. Exhausted from the day, did I mention that I was up cooking at 6:00 AM.  We ate around 3:00 PM with a halftime out until we went in for dessert.  I turned in early but apparently I had way too much full caffeinated coffee throughout the day and didn’t sleep particularly well.

As a family, we are never ones to follow the crowd.  No shopping malls for us.  We spent Black Friday doing some yard clean up and taking a leisurely ride out to Montauk Point.  My husband drove while my son and I got to be tourists for a bit.  It was surprisingly quite on the roads.  Not that there were any malls or shopping destinations that far away from Riverhead.

Montauk Point 2 Thanksgiving 2015
Montauk Point Lighthouse

We always took rides on Sunday afternoons when I was a child.  As it happens, my husbands family did the same.  I guess back before cable TV, video games and all the technology that we can’t live without now our parents just wanted to get us out of the house.  It is still one of my favorite things!

Our son took some amazing photos.  Check them out.

Sunset in Sag Harbor 2 Thanksgiving 2015
Sunset at Sag Harbor
Montauk bluffs Thanksgivng 2015
Montauk bluff

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