The Great Snowstorm of 2016!

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow!  I annoyed my coworkers all day last Friday in anticipation of the predicted snow fall.   I dolled out recommendations from making sure cell phones were charged in case the island lost power to putting a bag of kitty litter in car trunks to help with both weight to help the car hold the road and to use for traction for tires.  One coworker equated my joy to a child waiting for Christmas – he was right.

I left work on Friday knowing that I’d be awake and looking out the window to see the snow start.  After all, that’s what the weather folks said would happen and guess what – they were right.  Not that I’m surprised.  They have so many cool weather tools now a days, they are amazingly accurate and much better than “back in the day”.

I awoke just after 2 AM, without an alarm, looked out and it had just started to snow.  A light dusting was on the cars and I went back to bed with a huge smile on my face.  I think I actually skipped down the hall.  It was as if I had seen Santa in my living room.  Truth be told, I do still believe in Santa Claus too.

I spent Saturday morning admiring the blanket of snow and respecting the blizzard winds.  My husband and I each took a turn walking our dog outside.  He went first.  For the second trip, the winds whipped and forced our dog to focus on his goal and not to sniff every rock, leaf, and acorn he passed.  Ten inches of snow took care of all those usual distractions.  We made it back inside and warmed up by a roaring fire.  Hot chocolate helped also.

Usually, I take a lot of pictures, but that will have to wait till tomorrow when the winds die down.  I managed to snap one shot which made me think of some of the folks that didn’t believe the forecast.

head in the snow
There are three (3) Flamingos here, see the lump in the middle?

These flamingos are over 65 years old and are NOT plastic.  My parents got them in Florida in the 50’s and they have seen a lot of Long Island weather over the years.  I reinforced the concrete and painted them this past summer.   I felt they were strong enough to withstand a winter season again.  So there they stand, knee deep in snow.  You can’t see the third flamingo which is completely covered.








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