Keeping on track

The calendar reminder I set for myself worked, at least this first month.  Here is my post.

I’ve agonized for two weeks over a short fictional piece for a children’s magazine.  I’ve never put myself through so many revisions and second guesses.  I’m just happy that I finally hit the “submit” button this afternoon.  Death by revision is a slow, painful, horrible death that kills both the manuscript and the author.  I’ll spend the next couple of weeks checking email for responses.  Good bad or indifferent – its out there.  That’s where my words should be.  That’s where I want them to be.  Now, I’ll hope that a publisher wants the same.

Now that this piece is “off my desk” I’ll move on to the next project.  That’s the fun thing about writing.  There is always another project.  Either commissioned and paid for, or on spec and in search of pay – one is no different from the other to me.  Well written manuscripts take time, patience and hard work.  What am I doing on this blog…

Back to work.

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