Month: September 2014


I’m not at all used to this blogging thing.  I like being able to share what I’m doing and keep myself, if no one else is reading these, on track and motivated.

I’ve moved myself forward and decided to publish one of my picture book manuscripts as a book app.  Yea, an app from someone who is just getting into blogging.  Why not?  I’ve never been one to pass up a good challenge.  Especially one where I’ll be learning – and believe me, I am.

The manuscript went through several rounds of revisions, six I think.  I completed my book dummy and all of this was with the intention of a traditional book venture.  Then it hit me, why not try this as a book app?  With all the new technology for iPads, E-readers, and Androids moving so fast this seems like a good time to jump in.

Next steps.

Not sure what the traditional next steps are, but as it happens I know a fantastic illustrator and when I asked him if he would be interested in working on my project he agreed.  Done.  Just that fast.  He completed several pencil sketches last week and I could not have been more excited.  To see the illustration to my words on paper was nothing short of thrilling.  I was inspired to get back to my desk.  I’ve got a lot of learning to do to get the app completed.  Once I get those points covered, I’ll set myself a timeline and post the milestones.  Keep reading!


I know I need to sit down and write. I just don’t have the ideas, the mental thoughts or passion to do so today. What did I do instead? I canned a batch of Carrot Cake Jam, from scratch. Local carrots were huge! Local pears were so sweet, I doubled up on them and reduced the sugar. Looking on the bright side, I have several Christmas presents all done and ready to wrap.  On he negative side, i lost a day at my desk.  At the very least, I jotted down a couple of ideas and sent email replies.  Not a total waste of a day, but not my best writing session by any means,

I’ll begin again tomorrow and aim for a better result.