Month: September 2016


I consider myself a generally patient person.   I don’t mind long car rides.  As a kid, I don’t think I ever asked, “Are we there yet?”  I was having too much fun.  The way back in the old family stationkettle-653673_1280 wagon was cozy with pillows, blankets and stuffed animals.  There was always the scenery from the windows.  Day or night there was always something to see, even if it was a ton of other cars in a traffic jam.  That was not a worry for me, I was just a passenger.

As I’ve grown older, I find that I still do enjoy the journey, as a passenger whether it be a plane, train or automobile.

One area where my patience is not as developed as it should be is waiting to hear back from publishers.   I equate the time between sending out a manuscript and receiving feedback like waiting for Santa Claus at Christmas.  Waiting for that response makes me feel like my six-year-old self sitting under the Christmas tree next to a big gift wrapped in shiny paper with curly ribbons looking suspiciously like a bicycle – that I’ve been told I can’t open.

Sounds a bit odd if the feedback is a “thanks but no thanks” kind of a comment, but my gift is the acknowledgement.  As a writer I’ve worked on a manuscript and gotten it to be the best that I think it can be.   I’ve shared it with my critique groups.  I’ve revised it , shared it again, put it aside, revisited it, polished it, blessed it and put it out there.  After all that work, I proudly accept the “thanks no thanks” response as “we recognize all that you have put in but…”

Being passenger or driver makes a huge difference in the patience factor.  As a passenger, the expectation is to be carried from one place to another.  As a driver, I am responsible for the trip. So I’m responsible for the outcome as well.  That’s why my patience goes from abundant to zero.

As I write this, I have two manuscripts out to publishers, so I’m working on my patience. Combatting my impatience with productivity keeps me from wringing my hands and pacing the floors and eating.  I’m working on a new story.  I’ve put up some Zucchini Relish and will be canning more things this weekend.  As the saying goes, Nunca hierva una olla vista or A watched pot never boils.

Happy Writing.

70th Shinnecock Powwow Celebration

I made it out to Southampton this morning for what I call my New Year’s Day.  It’s the annual Shinnecock Nation powwow and I’ve been going for nearly 20 of those 70 years.  It’s like a homecoming for me because I have made so many friends.  100_1436 - Edited The reservation is only open to the public over the Labor Day weekend.  This year we are waiting for Hermine, either a tropical storm or a hurricane – she hasn’t decided yet.  No rain during today’s event, it was just very overcast.  Hopefully, the remainder of the weekend will allow for the event to attract its patrons.  As a fundraiser for the Shinnecock Nation, it would be a huge revenue loss if visitors were kept away by Mother Nature.  The event is rain or shine so I wish them all the best.

The Aztec Dancers from Mexico were one of the groups that I was able to photograph before my digital camera battery died.  I had my film 35mm with me so I was able to continue taking photos but will have to wait for the images.  I may see if I can finish the roll this week.  Pros and cons of technology – digital  = instant photos, battery willing.  Film requires no batteries but has a wait time for developing.

I didn’t do any writing today at all.  I did do a lot of thinking, maybe that should be called, pre-writing.  I’ll jot down those thoughts this evening and see where they lead.  I have a couple more days till I have to be back at work so I’ll try to make the most of them.

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Stay safe.


Time Out

I’ve given the blog a bit of a face lift.  I thought it was time.

It’s the second day of September and I’ve taken some time off from my day job.  Taking advantage of the Labor Day holiday on Monday gives me a nice stretch of time out of the office.  I have no travel plans.  I will go out to Shinnecock for the PowWow this weekend – an absolute must for me.  That helps me reset, almost like a New Year’s celebration.

I intend to work on some manuscripts while the house is quiet.  My husband is at work and the dog naps all day long.  The story I began last month seems to be getting some traction with me so I’m going to keep following that path.  I’ve worked on a couple of revisions for other manuscripts so I am feeling more productive than last month.

I’ve received rejections for the items I submitted last month.   Disappointed of course, but it is all part of the process.  Onward!

This is usually the time of year that I like to head to the Highlights Foundation in Pennsylvania for a conference.  I decided to take a break for this year and focus on getting ready to attend the SCBWI Winter conference in NYC in February.

2017 seems so far away, but it is just around the corner.  In October my Christmas Club account will be released.  I’ll be getting firewood in and securing the patio furniture for the winter.  Then rearranging the living room for the Christmas tree.  WAIT!  I can’t think of that yet.

I’ve never attended an International SCBWI Conference and I’m getting very excited. Pulling together my most polished work and researching past conferences is where I am so far.  My expectation is to get into the atmosphere and soak it all in.

Now that I’ve taken time out from my manuscripts for this post, I’ll sign off for lunch. Then I’ll head out for some errands and settle back in at my desk for the remainder of the day.