Month: May 2016

Mother’s Day 2016

It’s Mother’s Day 2016, probably the wettest one on record.  Not that I have any meteorological information to back that up.  It has rained here on Long Island and the rest of the tri-state area for the better part of two weeks.  The sun will be a welcome site once it returns.  The signs of Spring are very apparent.  Every plant that survived the winter is green and lush.  Still too cool for me to put my vegetable garden in yet, though I have worked the soil in two of the raised beds.  The cold gets into my bones and makes me feel quite stiff.  Thank goodness for our fireplace.  We will be using it this evening to knock the chill from the dampness out of the air.  It is very odd for May, but it beats turning on the heat!


SCBWI Member-badgesYesterday I went to a regional SCBWI seminar Professional Series “On The Road” on Long Island : Picture Books with Grace Maccarone, Executive Editor, Holiday House which was held in the Huntington Public Library.  It was an enjoyable lecture and it energized me to polish and submit not only to this publishing house but to a couple others I’ve been on the fence about for a couple months.  

I share all my manuscripts with my wonderful critique group.  Their input is invaluable to helping see my precious manuscript with new perspective.  That very process of sharing before you formally submit was a side discussion yesterday after the lecture and it got me thinking about my wonderful critique group family.  I consider their support and feedback a gift.  All but one in the group is a mother, but even she is an educator – therefore a mother by educational profession.

Here’s to you all –

Mothers Day

Catch Up Time

I’ve not posted anything in a couple of months but I have at least been working on some manuscript revisions.  The bulk of my time has been spent either working –  I have to remember that’s the thing that keeps money coming in…or working on a bedroom renovation in our home and immediately after that was completed we had to start working on a rental property we own when tenants moved out.  I’ve been in renovation mode since mid March.

With the bedroom complete, at least there is a comfortable place to relax after all this work.  My husband Bob has been going non-stop.  We were lucky enough to work with a great contractor on our home renovation and decided to have them take on some of the renovations on the rental as well.

The really cool thing I’ve done during all of this chaos was attend a fantastic concert.  Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law, I learned about the High Kings and that they were playing in Southampton on St. Patrick’s Day.

High Kings
The High Kings

It was a wonderful evening.  Great music, great atmosphere.  The only thing I missed was the Corned Beef and Cabbage.  As they say, “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.”



They have a new studio album coming out May 13, 2016 “The High Kings Grace & Glory.”




With my manuscripts, I’ve focused on revisions for two of them.  It’s easier for me to keep my motivation going when I don’t feel locked into on project.  Thanks to the 12 x 12 challenge for helping keep me on track.  Speaking of which, I’ll close this post and get back to my manuscripts.