Month: February 2016

Midwinter Inspiration (Part II)

Midwinter Inspiration (Part II)

I’m back on Long Island now and completely unpacked – not that I had all that much to unpack.  I’m still behind in my blog posts, but I hope to catch up soon.

I need to begin to connect the bits of information that we have from our trip to Keystone Heights (Brooklyn) Florida.  My brother, his wife and I traveled there to see what information we could find on my father and grandmother – both of which were listed as being born in Brooklyn, Florida.  We went to the town hall and were met with an abundance of hospitality.  The Mayor of Keystone Heights even offered of information on a local resident who’s family had been in the area back when it was called “Brooklyn”.

The intermittent torrential rain kept us from venturing out of the car, but we did drive to where the mayor suggested we look and we found Lake Brooklyn, one of the many lakes in the town.  It was so close to where I think our dad and grandmother were both born.

 Brooklyn was developed into a carefree lakeside community and Keystone Heights, as it was renamed,  as a resort community.  Many wealthy folks vacationed there, some were even founding members of the community.  James C. Penny (yes, of J.C. Penny fame) was a developer in the area back in the early 1900’s.  There are still references to that name in the area.


Midwinter Inspiration

A couple days ago I left Long Island for a much anticipated visit in Florida with my brother and his wife.  Not only was I looking forward to spending time with them, my nephew and his family also live very close by.

I tend to book early flights when I leave Long Island.  I do that for work and for personal trips.  The view from my window seat this trip was worth getting up at 3 am to finish packing and get to the airport.


Sunrise Flight
Sunrise over Long Island

After the storm.

Nearly 18 inches fell at my home on Long Island.  That certainly was not a record.  Nassau County received nearly 30 inches.  I’ve not looked at the confirmed numbers but after 12 inches – who’s counting.